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Davaar 51 Build 115 (4.51.115) Released on 30 Sep 2016

  • Fixes for some unplayable WAV and AIFF files.
  • Fix incorrect bitrate reported for some MP3 files.
  • Attempted fix for rare crash caused by badly behaved control point
  • Changed type reported by UPnP device. This fixes older builds of SkweezyDs but breaks the recent 4.1.3 build
  • Re-instated icon in UPnP device XML (Bubble DS should display a device icon again)

Davaar 51 Build 113 (4.51.113) Released on 22 Sep 2016

  • Fixes for crash reports seen based on previous release
  • Fixes for new HDMI hardware
  • Fixes LED problem on Klimax Renew DSM