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Davaar 20 Build 916 (4.20.916) Released on 16 September 2014

  • Klimax DSM/1: Exakt LED's now go On or Off according to the configuration setting.
  • Fixed defect #3635: Exakt: Klimax DSM/1 continually reboots at startup when connected to Klimax 350 speakers.

Davaar 20 Build 913 (4.20.913) Released on 15 September 2014

  • Fixed defect #3629: Occasionally no audio after exiting standby (Exakt products only).
  • Fixed defect #3631: Exakt channel mapping occasionally incorrect on exiting standby.
  • Fixed defect #3603: Internal volume control off not working on Akurate Exakt DSM.

Davaar 20 Build 907 (4.20.907) Released on 10 September 2014

  • Fixed defect #3609: No HDMI audio output when DSM devices are configured with 'Startup Mode' as 'Active'.
  • Exakt audio channels now default to off when unspecified.
  • Fixed #3621: DS crashes trying to play tracks created by StationRipper.
  • TuneIn fix: certain stations that present unplayable url's followed by playable url's (in the original list returned from TuneIn) will now work.
  • Exakt devices can now be interrogated and programmed while DSM is in standby.
  • Exakt delay is now retrieved dynamically rather than being a hard coded constant.
  • Fixed defect #3612: HDMI: changing source DelayMode causes loss of audio.
  • TuneIn fix: preset xml was occasionally being corrupted (causing preset navigation to behave unpredictably).
  • Fixed defect #3615: DS crash when Exakt device settings XML is larger than 20Kb.
  • Fixed problem with non-raw SPDIF and <44.1k Exakt outputs being 6dB too low.
  • Fixed #3618: (UpnpAv) DS reboots when seeking in non-seekable stream.
  • Fixed #3611: Multichannel DVD-A with Davaar 19 has no surround channels.