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Davaar 1 Build 10 (4.1.10) Released on 27 April 2011

  • Fixed defect that was causing the startup source activation to be inconsistent (source applied out of standby alternating between startup source and last used source)

Davaar 1 Build 9 (4.1.9) Released on 26 April 2011

  • Fixed #3163 - Device crashes after long pause
  • Fixed #3166 - Songcasting Sekrit TOS input fails intermittently

Davaar 1 Build 8 (4.1.8) Released on 21 April 2011

  • Fixed #3160: Search within a track causes an assert
  • Fixed #3161: Sender switching source w/o clock change gives no audio on rcvr
  • Fixed #3162: Assert - Thread.cpp 353: on startup on DS-I (semaphore count exceeded)
  • Fixed problem with audio glitch outputs immediately prior to start of audio when switching to a non direct external source

Davaar 1 Build 7 (4.1.7) Released on 20 April 2011

  • Fixed #3136: 'Click' switching from Playlist to Songcast on Klimax DS
  • Fixed #3156: Receiver lockup after sender power cycled
  • Webconfig now supports full range of configuration parameters

Davaar 1 Build 6 (4.1.6) Released on 12 April 2011

  • Added support for Songcast Large-scale mode (Songcast Sender Output Mode -> Multicast)
  • Improved Songcast clock synchronisation
  • Fixed #3144: Songcast (multicast) - add receiver and ALL receivers scroll metadata
  • Fixed #3147: Potential lockup of device on removal of Songcast receiver
  • Fixed songcast receiver buffering when sender paused. Now reports waiting.

Davaar 1 Build 5 (4.1.5) Released on 24 March 2011

  • Fixed defect #3135: Songcast not songcasting Sekrit DS-I external inputs
  • Fixed defect #3119: Hiss on analogue sources
  • Fixed defect #3136: 'Click' switching from Playlist to Songcast on Klimax DS
  • Fixed defect #3138: Noise burst/click when selecting jukebox preset while playing
  • Balance configuration added to Konfig
  • Current delay preset selection added to Konfig
  • Majik DS-I TOS link output light now goes off when the output is disabled
  • Added extra headroom in up-sampling filter
  • Konfig: Restore to factory defaults now requires user confirmation
  • Sender preset number is now in the description field of the sender metadata (previously appended to start of name)
  • Beta documentation can be found here:

Davaar 1 Build 3 (4.1.3) Released on 17 March 2011

  • Initial beta release of Davaar
  • Added Songcast functionality. Songcast allows a DS to tune into another DS. A DS can songcast to more than one DS. Further, a DS can songcast no matter what source is selected.
  • Added OpenHome compatibility. OpenHome is an independent standard for networked home devices. Linn's DS devices are now fully compatible with the OpenHome Audio Visual (AV) specification. OpenHome AV compatibility will allow the DS to interoperate with other manufacturer's digitial streaming products and control points.
  • Added Auto play functionality (via Konfig option)
  • Added ability for device to power up into or out of standby (via Konfig option)
  • Requires latest Davaar beta version of Linn Konfig to update (Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms).
  • Requires latest Davaar beta version of KinskyDesktop to to control your device once it has been updated (Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms).
  • Added ability to choose a fixed sample rate on digital outputs (88/96kHz or 176/192kHz)
  • Fixed digital output downsampling from 176/192kHz
  • Minimum lip sync delay is now 100ms
  • Added source 'Direct' functionality to allow external sources to achieve a zero latency delay (via Konfig option)
  • Fixed standby lockup issue
  • Various maintenance and bug fixes
  • Beta documentation can be found here: