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Davaar 19 Build 799 (4.19.799) Released on 08 July 2014

  • Fixed #3533: DSM products will not boot if HDMI is disabled.

Davaar 19 Build 797 (4.19.797) Released on 07 July 2014

  • Fixed #3607: Variable delay not set correctly on initialisation.

Davaar 19 Build 789 (4.18.789) Released on 30 June 2014

  • Fixed defect #3600: Exakt outs not muted with headphones (Akurate DSM/1).
  • Fixed defect #3603: Internal volume control on Akurate Exakt. AkurateDsmMk2 and KlimaxDsmMk2 now boot properly after disabling internal volume control.
  • Fixed problem with SPDIF (100ms latency in applying status change mute).
  • Fix to ensure the DSM does not respond to source change requests for invisible sources when in standby (when using the direct source codes).
  • Fixed responsiveness problem when browsing TuneIn folders using the handset.
  • Added Assert if spartan 6 programming fails on bootup.
  • Fixed crash on DSM when HDMI "Disabled In Sleep" is enabled.