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Davaar 18 Build 754 (4.18.754) Released on 29 May 2014

  • Fixed defect #3566: HDMI: Audio cracks/pops when changing sample rate.
  • Fixed defect #3569: Certain MP3 files report incorrect duration.
  • Radio playback: made pls file check slightly less strict to cope with a user reported station that didn't work.
  • Variable delay mode: Songcast sync will now occur at 160ms and higher rather than 250ms and higher.
  • Fixed defect #3589: Exakt Connection Status change events are sent out repeatedly.
  • Provide feedback on VFD when Exakt programming is in progress.
  • Fixed defect #3597: Analog path gain correction is being applied to Exakt outputs.
  • Akurate Exakt Dsm and Klimax Exakt Dsm: now kills analogue power to the main board going into standby to reduce power consumption.
  • Fixed defect #3568: Out-of-sync audio with Exakt to NonExakt songcast after clock multiplier change.