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Davaar 15 Build 647 (4.15.647) Released on 20 February 2014

  • Added Single Ended crossover design files for Akurate 242, Akubarik, and Komri for use with the Klimax Exakt Tunebox.
  • Fixed defect #3558: Exakt Device List shows wrong version number after updating Tunebox.
  • Added fast flashing dim indicator on front of Klimax Exakt 350E and Tunebox for hardware fault conditions, eg overtemp.
  • Updated crossover hardware to correctly handle keep-awake information and extended delay capability.

Davaar 15 Build 638 (4.15.638) Released on 13 February 2014

  • Fixed Akurate 242 crossover for use with device measurements: LowerBassBottom drive unit element should just be LowerBass.
  • Changed the Akurate 242 crossover speaker gain by 6db as it is unknown if single ended or balanced inputs are being used.
  • Implemented 6db difference in the Klimax 350 single ended crossover compared to the balanced version.

Davaar 15 Build 636 (4.15.636) Released on 11 February 2014

  • Programming Klimax 350 and Komri crossovers now fixed.

Davaar 15 Build 629 (4.15.629) Released on 06 February 2014

  • Added input signal detection and optional keep-awake tone generation for Akurate 242 and Akubraik crossovers, fixing amplifier power off problems.
  • Programming Akurate crossovers now fixed.

Davaar 15 Build 627 (4.15.627) Released on 05 February 2014

  • Includes crossovers for Akurate 242 and Akubarik with Klimax Exakt Tunebox.
  • Fixes for songcast receiver stability and synchronisation with Exakt systems. Fixed Songacst delay is now 150ms. Variable delay can now be set to lower than 100ms (Songcast sync if variable delay is >=250ms).
  • Added input signal detection and optional keep-awake tone generation for Klimax 350 and Komri crossovers, fixing amplifier power off problems.
  • Improved bass handling in the crossover domain.
  • Improvement to empirical drive unit inductance model (with regards to compenstation for drive unit variations).
  • Radio station fixes: added support for underscrore character in the host name of a uri.
  • Radio station fixes: Host field in http header request should contain host and port.
  • Radio station fixes: catch the occassional radio station that hasn't actually changed in the preset list (multiple genre bug).
  • Fixed reported lip sync delay when in Direct mode.
  • Fixed problem with Exakt discovery eventing when disconnecting/connecting link cable.
  • Fixed audio thump on second crossover/speaker in Exakt link daisychain.
  • Fixed #3539: Klimax DS dispay shows buffering in sleep mode even when playing (customer reported).
  • Added display sleep option to Kiko DSM.