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Davaar 14 Build 549 (4.14.549) Released on 28 November 2013

  • Fixed version information for Klimax Tunebox.

Davaar 14 Build 545 (4.14.545) Released on 26 November 2013

  • Klimax DSM and Klimax Exakt DSM: front panel display will now dim in standby.

Davaar 14 Build 537 (4.14.537) Released on 19 November 2013

  • Fixed defect #3535: Line-out channels reversed on Sekrit/Sneaky DSM.

Davaar 14 Build 516 (4.14.516) Released on 05 November 2013

  • Fixed problem with MajikDsmMk2 not booting when HDMI is disabled.
  • Fixed problem with SneakyDsm: volume control still enabled after disabling in Konfig.
  • Fixed defect #3528: Balance reversed on MDSM Mk1 and Mk2.
  • Fixed defect #3529: No audio output on KDSM.
  • Fixed defect #3530: KDSM unable to enable/disable internal volume.

Davaar 14 Build 508 (4.14.508) Released on 29 October 2013

  • Fixed Airplay connection issue for Mac users on iTunes 11.1
  • Fixed problem that was causing high jitter on all sources for Kiko DSM, Sneaky DSM, and Sekrit DSM. This fix will provide an improvement in audio quality (for these products only)
  • Fixed room correction issues for Exakt
  • Fixed issue with an Exakt device being used as a Songcast receiver going out of sync with the Songcast sender
  • Fixed issue with an Exakt device crashing if more than 20 unique crossovers have been discovered since factory reset
  • Added support for right to left text on the front panel display