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Davaar 12 Build 357 (4.12.357) Released on 12 June 2013

  • Fixed defect #3449: Songcast causes Akurate DS to lock up
  • Fixed defect #3448: DSM - No Audio with Hdmi Sleep mode set to yes.
  • Fixed defect #3453: Songcast causes DS (with proxy) to become undiscoverable

Davaar 12 Build 328 (4.12.328) Released on 16 May 2013

  • Fixed defect #3293: Input level is adjustable on phono type sources
  • Fixed defect #3388: Digital output is not muted in standby
  • Fixed defect #3392: Startup source ignored after power cycle if Front Aux connected / Active startup mode
  • Fixed defect #3393: HDMI "Turn off in sleep mode" not working on Sneaky, Sekrit and Kiko
  • Fixed defect #3395: HDMI bypass issue on Majik DSM :Front Aux
  • Fixed defect #3422: Variable delay is incorrect when switching from Radio/Playlist to Analog input
  • Fixed defect #3423: Thai characters displayed incorrectly on front panel display
  • Fixed defect #3424: Jukebox: If you add a Presets Folder URL with the NAS username:password the DS reports an error
  • Fixed defect #3430: Songcast app causes DS to be undiscoverable
  • Fixed defect #3432: DelayManager reporting DelayEnabled as true in Fixed mode
  • Fixed defect #3433: Lip sync cannot be controlled from REM020 handset