Akurate Music Server Upgrade

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FEATURES in v4.1.0

Audio formats

  • (Recording)

    FLAC(44.1/16)( lossless audio data compression)

    MP3(192 kbps)


  • (Import)


  • (Playback)

    FLAC (44.1/16)



  • Rips and meta-data now available to other FLAC media players hosted on the network
  • Playback of externally ripped FLAC media
  • Playback of the AMS media database with external media players from single data repository
  • Now supports flawless independent playback simultaneously on all channels during all operations, regardless of audio format.

HTTP 1.1 “web browser” Configuration

Ams web interface.png

  • Network and device configuration - AMS network , NAS IP, Internet ,Device discovery, Recovery settings
  • Media Configuration - Media Database Management, Ripping Setting
  • Migration tools - Media Database Migration , Media Library Import
  • Data transfer


  • Now supports alternative media root directory to support a wider range of NFS NAS.
  • Media database migration tools (AMS->NAS and NAS->AMS)
  • New default network configuration settings
  • UPnP Service Discovery
  • AMX Device Discovery