Akurate Kontrol (Ethernet)

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Product info

  • Product Name: Akurate Kontrol
  • Date of Introduction: November 2010
    • End of Production: May 2015
  • Type: Analogue Preamplifier


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Back Panel Connections


  1. MAINS INPUT - To connect to the mains electricity supply.
  2. EARTH GROUND - To connect to an earthing terminal if no mains earth is available or to join to the earths of other products in the system to improve performance in areas of poor/noisy electrical earth conditions.
  3. FALLBACK - To put the device into Fallback mode (used when reprogramming).
  4. ETHERNET - To connect to a network.
  5. ANALOGUE INPUTS (XLR, line level) - To connect sources with balanced (XLR) outputs.
  6. ANALOGUE INPUTS (RCA, line level) - To connect sources with unbalanced (RCA) outputs.
  7. ANALOGUE INPUTS (RCA, phono/line level) - To connect a turntable or line level source with unbalanced (RCA) outputs.
  8. PHONO GROUND - To connect to a turntable grounding terminal.
  9. ANALOGUE OUTPUTS (XLR,variable level) - To connect to a power amplifier with balanced (XLR) analogue inputs.
  10. ANALOGUE OUTPUTS (RCA, variable level) - To connect to a power amplifier with unbalanced (RCA) analogue inputs.
  11. ANALOGUE OUTPUTS (RCA, fixed level) - To connect to an analogue recording device with unbalanced (RCA) inputs.

Front Panel Connections

  1. MUTE BUTTON - Mutes/unmutes the audio
  2. VOLUME ADJUST BUTTONS - Changes the volume up/down
  3. HEADPHONE OUTPUT - To connect to stereo headphones with a 3.5mm input
  4. AUX SOURCE INPUT - To connect to a stereo audio source with a 3.5mm output
  5. SOURCE SELECT BUTTONS - Changes to the previous/next source
  6. STANDBY BUTTON - Brings the unit in/out of standby
  7. POWER SWITCH- Switches the power on/off


Please read the following carefully before installing the unit in your system – your unit may need to be reconfigured by your Linn retailer.

Product update

The latest software release for this product is Davaar37. If your Akurate Kontrol requires an update you will need to download Konfig 4.30 to update this product.
This is available from:

Windows Konfig 4.30
MAC OSX Konfig 4.30

For further assistance, try our customer support pages