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Bute, Cara and Davaar software can control:-

  • Klimax Kontrol
  • Akurate Kontrol
  • Majik Kontrol
  • Majik-I
  • Kinos
  • Kisto
  • Unidisk SC
  • Classik Movie (from 2006 manufacture)
  • Classik Music (from 2008 manufacture)

Some of these products may need their software updated to allow the DS products to control them.

Earlier Linn pre-amplifiers cannot be controlled by the DS products.

An Exotik+DA which has been updated to run Akurate Kontrol firmware can be controlled in the same way as an Akurate Kontrol. An Exotik (non-DA) may respond to on/off commands but not volume or source if identified as a Klimax Kontrol, but this is not an officially supported feature.