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==Checking internet connection consistency==
If your Radio keeps muting and you have a Windows PC you can check how good your connection is to the internet using PingPlot.<br>
This will be installed on your PC and can be used to "ping" your streaming server.
Pingplot can be downloaded from [https://github.com/ccampo133/PingPlot github] and run from command line or Shortcut. E.g.
BBC test<br><BR>
'''"C:\Program Files (x86)\PingPlot\pingplot.exe" -p -H bbcmedia.ic.llnwd.net  -n 1 -f BBC_ping'''<br><br>
If you have the Uri of the Radio streaming service, you can use this to check its connection.<br>
At the end of your test time hit CTRL-C and this will show you a time related graph of the internet latency found by your PC.

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Changing to a new Router the Linn DS will no longer connect

Some new Routers, such as TalkTalk, have network sockets that only support a high speed network (1000-BaseT). The Linn DS will only has has the network components that support 100-BaseT connection.
Your PC laptop will work on this Router socket as your PC will support 10/100/1000-BaeT connections. The simple solution or test is to add a low-cost network switch that supports (10/100/1000 Base-T connections) such as a Netgear GS205

Fritzboz not seeing the Linn DS/DSM products

Fritzbox  reported having issues with Apple broadcasts and losing connections. 
This appear to be due to the Fritzbox monitoring the LAN sockets and shutting down
anything that is not active and going into Green (power saving) mode.
The manufacturer has reported the following fix:
1. Open a web browser and enter "fritz.box" into the address bar to open the router's
   configuration page
2. Go in to advanced/expert mode, rather than Wizard mode
3. Go to the "System > Energy Monitor > Settings" pane
4. Set the LAN port that the DS is plugged into to be "always active"
5. Click the "Apply" button
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