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Konfig not reverting back to non-Beta Application version

If you have unchecked the Beta application release of Konfig this only stops checking to see if a beta release exists. It does NOT revert you back to the official release.
If you want to install the official release then go to www.Linn.co.uk/software and redownload/install the current version of Konfig.

If you start Konfig and only get a white screen or only shows toolbar with no "Show devices" button:

1. Go into Google Chrome - Settings - Show advance settings
2. Select Privacy - Content settings
a) If ""JavaScript is "Do not allow any site to run Javascript" change this to "Allow all sites to run JavaScript"
3. OK out of this & restart Konfig
1. Go into Google Chrome Preferences - Java
2 Go to Security and reduce security level from Very High to High
3 Ok out of this and restart Konfig
If this does not cure the issue then in MAX OSX
1. Run Konfig
2. Open Internet Explorer/Safari
3. Type in http://localhost:5011 into the IE address bar
4. If Safari reports "Safari can’t open the page “http://localhost:5011”, because the server "localhost” is missing" then
  • Open the Utilities/Terminal App and type sudo nano /etc/hosts you should see some text. It should look like this:
# Host Database
# localhost is used to configure the loopback interface
# when the system is booting. Do not change this entry.
## localhost broadcasthost
::1 localhost

  • if this file/box is empty then enter the information shown above, into the /etc/host box and exit by using the "ctrl" X keys then Y to confirm the save. We want to save the fie in Mac format, so press the Esc (Escape) key and then press M (this is what the M- means in the help bar).
5. Reboot your MAC to ensure that these new settings are being used and retry Konfig.

After the update some PC/MAC cannot find any Linn DS/DSM products:

Do the following procedure:

1. If you are using Norton Anti-virus, make sure that the new Konfig is added an exception
2. Restart your PC/MAC and retry Konfig 10
a) Press the SHOW DEVICES button
b) If a number appears beside the Updates tab (top of Konfig screen,
i) Press the Updates tab and press UPDATE beside your Linn DS/DSM name
ii) Wait until he update is finished and Press the SHOW DEVICES button. Your DS should now appear.

If your Linn DS/DSM is not listed

3. Press the ADVANCED tab and see if your Linn DS/DSM is listed here

If neither of these two options work
Follow the Konfig 10 diagnostics
If doing a Advanced download Konfig reports "cannot find directory.."
Check that
1. You can typed the correct file location and file name in to the download field
2. Konfig 4.10.5-4.11.2 needs internet access before doing the file update. Make sure that you have an Internet link BEFORE opening Konfig

When entering the room dimensions in Space Optimisation, clicking the tick box deletes the values entered
Use the 'Enter' key or the 'Tab' key instead of the tick box.