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Linn Account creation and adding/removing Linn DS/DSM from your account

The Linn Account Manage system requires your Linn DS/DSM to be attached to a “Linn Account”. You can do this by using the Kazoo App:

  1. Go into the latest version of Kazoo and select Settings
  2. Select the Linn Account tab
  3. If you do not have a Linn Account then you can instantly register for one.
  4. After registration and Log-in you will see the Linn DS players on your network. ADD or REMOVE the Linn DS/DSM players from your Linn account.

Accessing the Linn DS/DSM in your account

After adding the Linn DS/DSM players to your Linn Account:

  1. go to www.Linn.co.uk
  2. Select the Full Menu (top right) and go down to “My Account”
  3. Within the “My Account” select Manage systems.
    1. This will enter you into the System management page and “Edit Settings” or your Linn DS/DSM
    2. If you have just registered and added these to your Account it may take a couple of minutes to show you Linn DS/DSM setup. If nothing changes then try refreshing your web-browser page, (typically function key F5 or CTRL-F5 in the browser).
    3. The Space tab will not appear until you have assigned speakers to your Linn DS/DSM in the “GENERAL” tab.
  4. with the speakers setup you will now be able to create/update/delete/rename your Space Optimisation settings created by this application.