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==Space Optimisation==
{{FAQ:General Space Optimisation}}
{{FAQ:General Space Optimisation}}

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Space Optimisation

Do I need a to Tune-Dem and setup the speakers first

YES, you will have to find the best, most tune full position of the speakers BEFORE using Space Optimisation. Space optimisation will then improve the tune.

How Do I erase a speaker setup from Konfig for Space Optimisation

All you have to do is turn OFF Space Optimisation, the selected speaker will still be shown but will have NO effect on the sound.

Will Space Optimisation work on External inputs (from my LP12?) on the Linn DSM

Space optimisation will work on all Linn DSM external inputs (Analogue/Toslink/SPDIF).
Space Optimisation can be turned OFF on specific external inputs using Konfig > Source > Source name > "Digital Features" = "OFF"

Can I use Space Optimisation on 2 or more pairs of speakers?

Space Optimisation is only designed to work with 1 speaker in each location. That is front left, front right, centre, surround left...
Space will not work if you have two front left speakers, two front right speakers etc.

Does Space Optimisation work on the Headphones socket?

No Space Optimisation is for your Room operation, the headphone socket playback has Space Optimisation disabled

Does Space Optimisation work on the SPDIF or TOSLINK output sockets?

No Space Optimisation is only available on the Analogue and EXAKT-LINK outputs.