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====General connections====
====General connections====
The Linn DSM does not support 4k resolution
The Linn DSM with HDMI 2 board supports 4k resolution

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The Linn DSM products provide HDMI pass through of HDMI V1.4 and HDMI 2.0, (for Products with the HDMI2 board), signals

The Linn DSM products HDMI output will:-
1. Pass-throu the HDMI audio when the Linn DSM is in Standby.
2. Pass-throu the HDMI audio when the Linn DSM is listening to an Analogue or Digital Audio input.
3. BLOCK the HDMI audio to the TV if the the DSM is listening to a HDMI input.

ARC - Audio Return Channel

Only the Klimax DSM / Akurate DSM / Majik DSM with HDMI-2 boards (>Sept 2016) and the Selekt DSM will support this connection.
The TV must be set to Stereo on this ARC connection, if available.

I cannot get any picture through the HDMI

General connections

The Linn DSM with HDMI 2 board supports 4k resolution


The Playstation3 is known to have HDMI connection issues with many non-Linn devices.

  1. Select PS3 input on the Linn DSM
  2. While the PLAYSTATION 3 system is in standby mode (red light on the front of the system), hold down the touch-sensitive power button on the front of the system until the system goes into standby mode again . (So the light cycle would go from: red light --> green light --> then back to red light). This will ensure that you have held down the power button long enough to reset the Video Output Settings.

Check PS3 FAQ's

Virgin Media V6 / SKY-Q

The VirginMedia V6 & SKY-Q is very strict on HDCP issues, these works in HDCP 2.2. It has been found that if your TV/Projector only supports HDCP 1.3 and your AV Receiver, (Linn DSM or other manufacturer), that supports HDCP 2.2 then the mismatch will cause the VirginMedia V6/SKY-Q box NOT to send video (due to encryption issue).
The solution is to put a HDCP convertor, such as the LINDY or NEET Bidirectional HDCP Converter, V2.2 to V1.4, between the VirginMedia V6 HDMI output and Linn DSM HDMI input. This will force all communications to HDCP 1.3
Some customers have found disabling "CEC" and "CEC Auto Select Source" on HDMI section of Konfig will fix this issue. (Do the Konfig changes and power cycle the VirginMedia/SKY box)

Apple MacMini, MacBook Pro etc

If you switch the DSM to the HDMI feed from a MacMini, MacBook etc, it will initially loose any picture and audio, this may take up to 30seconds to appear and for the Audio to return. This delay is due to the Mac performing HDMI communication and re-establishing the audio and video options.

HDMI connection with Video scalers

If you have a video scaler in the HDMI chain and you are not getting any picture through the Linn DSM, take the video scaler out of the system to see if the picture returns.

No Audio playback on HDMI connection

The Linn DSM will ONLY support 2ch (or multichannel) PCM audio, it does not support Dolby Digital, DTS etc unless you have a Linn Surround Module installed in your Linn DSM. If you feed an unsupported audio from your DVD player/Sat Receiver etc the Linn DSM can pass though to the TV if the DS is in Standby mode but when you select that input on the DSM there is no audio then double check that the audio out on the DVD/Sat is configured for 2ch PCM.

APPLE TV4 switching TV On and Off

When using a Apple TV4 with a 4k Linn DSM (>Sept 2016).

We would advise to go into the Apple TV settings > "Remotes and Devices" and
turn OFF "Control TV's and Receivers".

Otherwise the TV may confused about its power state and Audio Return Channel (ARC - Audio from TV to Linn DSM).
You can Apple TV handset to control the Linn DSM volume by IR if this is required.

No Audio from a Linn DSM HDMI connection

On Davaar 55, the surround function has been added. If the incoming audio from the HDMI source is Multi-channel PCM, this audio is NOT broadcast using Songcast. This will occur even if you only have a pair of speakers defined on the Linn DSM, it still has to downmixed the incoming multi-channel.
If you only have the front Left & Right speakers defined in Konfig the solution is to go to your HDMI source and change its HDMI audio output to Stereo PCM.