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is the output level of the {{{1}}} different from other Linn DS/DSM's?
The Line RCA output on the {{{1}}} is the same has the same output gain as other Linn DS/DSM products.
However the Power amplifier is approx. 8dB, (8 volume step), quieter than the Chakra amplifiers and ealier Majik DSM's;
Can I add a sub-woofer directly to the Power amplifier outputs on the {{{1}}}?
No,The {{{1}}} power amplifier is a Class-D amplifier and the negative terminal on the power amplifier is NOT connected to earth.
On most sub-woofer "High Level" inputs this is connected to earth and connecting their ground to {{{1}}} negative power amplifier connection may cause damage to both products. Check with the sub-woofer manufacturer on how to connect their sub-woofers to Class-D amplifiers.
Can I connect Electrostatic loudspeakers, such as Martin Logan, to the {{{1}}}?
As the {{{1}}} uses Class-D power amplfiers then the {{{1}}} power amplifier is dependant on the inductive/capative load then the usual loading of Electrostatic loudspeakers may cause poor sounding instability.
Check with your speaker manufacturer for any solutions.