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Davaar 50 Build 110 (4.50.110) Released on 12 Sep 2016

  • Fixed lockup on radio during preset selection from handset

Davaar 50 Build 105 (4.50.105) Released on 5 Sep 2016

  • Fix problem where Klimax DSM/1 VFD was displaying garbage
  • Fix problem with LPEC subscriptions crashing devices
  • Fix Sneaky MDS numeral keys not activating radio presets

Davaar 50 Build 103 (4.50.103) Released on 2 Sep 2016

  • Improve responsiveness entering/exiting standby
  • Fix playback and information reporting for certain ALAC files
  • Fix display of track change etc. when display in sleep mode
  • Fix operation of REM019 handset
  • Fix restoration of Konfig screen after reboot
  • Fix caching of updates from Konfig
  • Fix deadlock between volume key and scrolling display
  • Fix Airplay volume operation on devices with external pre-amps
  • Fix Airplay audio dropout when adjusing volume

Davaar 50 Build 94 (4.50.94) Released on 25 Aug 2016

  • Fixed volume lag on scrolling text
  • Fixed problems with proxy device sync
  • Fixed various issues with Airplay playback
  • Fixed issue with devices not rebooting from Konfig
  • Fixed issue with display sleep mode not working on Klimax DS
  • Improved handset navigation on playlist and radio
  • Fixed issue with swapped channels on certain devices

Davaar 50 Build 92 (4.50.92) Released on 19 Aug 2016

  • Fixed defect that caused device lockup when skipping radio presets

Davaar 50 Build 90 (4.50.90) Released on 18 Aug 2016

  • Fix for DS crashing while using Net Aux.
  • Fixed for scenario that could cause devices to lock up.
  • Fixed #4430: KDSM1 - Volume balance issues with analog-in, digital features off
  • Fixed #4425: SPDIF output is not disabled when DSM is in standby

Davaar 50 Build 85 (4.50.85) Released on 12 Aug 2016

  • Fixed crash on standby exit (Akurate Exakt DSM and Klimax Exakt DSM only)

Davaar 50 Build 83 (4.50.83) Released on 11 Aug 2016

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed songcast sending of a DSM’s local inputs.
  • Fixed crash when volume settings were changed after disabling internal volume control.
  • "About" tab/page for RS232 preamps is now present for the preamp device in Konfig.
  • Bug fixes for startup and post-standby synchronisation (of volume and current source) between DS and RS232 preamp.
  • Bug fix for Klimax Kontrol "unable-to-mute" issue.
  • Bug fixes for DS crashing while an RS232 preamp is in use.
  • Kisto/Kinos source names should now be migrated from pre-beta to beta release correctly.
  • Handset commands options CD & DVD now passthrough amp addressed commands.
  • Minimum delay is now dynamically adjusted when Exakt device is connected.
  • Delay is now accurate when Exakt device is connected.
  • When navigating up and down through track information, titles that are too long to display on the screen will scroll.
  • Changing a track while the metadata from the previous track is still scrolling will now correctly replace the scrolling text with the new track's metadata.

Known Issues:

  • On Klimax DSM, using Balanced input with Digital Features OFF there is a mismatch between left and right volume levels, which will be affected by adjusting L/R balance.
  • Net Aux has been reported to disconnect and cease playing audio after an arbitrary amount of time. Re-selecting the DS as a speaker should allow the stream to reconnect.
  • Due to change in RS232 preamp selection code, any beta users with an RS232 preamp selected may have to use Konfig to re-select their preamp.
  • Any Kisto/Kinos users already using the beta who have not manually updated their source names should revert to a pre-beta release and back to the beta release to migrate source names.
  • When reprogramming exakt when the DS/DSM is in standby, the DS/DSM will exit standby.

Davaar 50 Build 75 (4.50.75) Released on 04 Aug 2016

Bug fixes:

  • Added Songcast configuration options
  • Added discrete on and off IR command handling
  • Fixed crash on radio navigation from handset on Klimax devices

Added support for the following products:

  • Klimax – DS/2 (Mk3), DSM/1 (Mk2)
  • Akurate – DS/2 (Mk3), DSM/1 (Mk2)
  • Majik – DS/1 (Mk2), DSM/2 (Mk3)

Davaar 50 Build 70 (4.50.70) Released on 01 Aug 2016

Davaar 50 is now available as a Beta release:

  • Substantial internal changes, both to fix bugs and to enable future development
  • Fixed crash on DHCP renewal
  • Simplified lip sync setup
  • Improved support for various codecs
  • Improved support for radio stations using HLS
  • Web Konfig page updated
  • ‘Report to Linn’ from Kazoo now includes logs from your DS

The following features have been removed:

  • Jukebox
  • Control of CD player via a DS
  • Third party AV receiver surround mode

The initial release supports the following products:

  • Klimax – DS/0 (Mk1), DS/1 (Mk2), DSM/0 (Mk1), Renew (all)
  • Akurate – DS/0 (Mk1), DS/1 (Mk2), DSM/0 (Mk1), Renew (all)
  • Majik – DS/0 (Mk1), DS-I, DSM/0 (Mk1), DSM/1 (Mk2)
  • Sneaky Music DS
  • Sekrit DS-I
  • Additional products will be added in later releases

Reporting Issues:

Beta users can provide us with feedback by using the ‘Report to Linn’ button in Kazoo’s Settings. Using ‘Report to Linn’ requires the latest release of Kazoo for iOS or Android or a beta release of Kazoo for Windows or Mac.

Known Issues:

  • Konfig may not reload device configuration page following a firmware update or device reboot
  • May need to toggle standby state on a separate preamp before it will communicate with a DS via RS232