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Davaar 1 sees the introduction of Songcast. Songcast allows a DS to tune into another DS. A DS can songcast to more than one DS. Further, a DS can songcast no matter what source is selected.

Depending on your requirements, songcast can operate in one of two modes: small-scale or large-scale. These modes only impact the scalability of songcast. They do not impact the quality of the songcasted audio.

Small-scale mode

Small-scale mode is suitable for those with 6 or fewer DS's and does not require specialist networking equipment.

Large-scale mode

Large-scale mode is required for those with more than 6 DS's and can handle many thousands of DS's. It requires networking equipment specially designed to handle multicast messages. Most modern, high quality networking equipment falls into this category. Further, an increasing amount of consumer level equipment does as well. However, a considerable amount of existing consumer level equipment either does not implement or has a poor implementation of the required functionality.