Multicast Filtering

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Whilst Songcasting in large-scale mode, Linn DS players generate significant amounts of multicast traffic on the network. Many consumer grade network switches, including many all-in-one router/switch/WAP units will broadcast this multicast traffic to ALL devices on the network, rather than just those which have requested it.


This multicast traffic may cause the WAP to be overloaded

  • wireless network malfunctions and becomes unreliable
  • unable to connect to the wireless network.


  • All DS players which are participating in sender/receiver mode must use wired network paths between themselves
  • The network traffic must be filtered to ensure that multicast traffic is not sent over the wireless network

IGMP Snooping

This is a feature of network equipment, and may require an upgrade to the network infrastructure to operate successfully and prevent wireless network issues

WAP (or all-in-one box)

  • Enable IGMP snooping in the options

Managed Switch

  • Enable IGMP snooping in the options
  • Ensure network path between DS players and WAP go through the switch

Tested Devices

The following devices have been tested and shown to work. Note that the hardware and firmware of these devices is under the control of their respective manufacturers and may change from what was tested

  • WAP
    • Dlink DWL3200AP (Firmare 2.55 or later)
  • All-in-one
    • Buffalo WHR-G300N AirStation
    • ZyXEL NBG-417N
    • Billion BiPAC 6200 NXL
  • Managed Switch
    • Cisco (Linksys) SLM2008
    • Cisco SG300-10
    • ZyXEL ES-2108
  • Apple AirPort Extreme was tested and does NOT work