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What is Firmware?

Firmware means the software that is firmly installed into the Linn DS/DSM player.
This firmware can be updated without removing your Linn DS/DSM from your home. This will allow you to expand your products features when they appear.
Instructions on how to upgrade your Linn DS/DSM to the latest version software can be found HERE. But, if you are happy with your Linn DS/DSM and do not want to add anything else then leave the product as it is. (These updates are to add new features and fix some issues).

Linn Firmware categories

Linn DS/DSM firmware releases are cateogrised by the name of a Scottish island. Any Linn DS/DSM software release described by the same island is interface compatible. This means that properly written applications written against that island will work across all releases of that island. More information is available here: Software Compatibility Families

From original release there have been a few families of Firmware:

Original release of Firmware in 2007-2008
2008-2009 added streaming services
2009-2011 feature internet radio
from 2011. Current release of firmware, featuring multiroom audio sharing called [[Songcast}}


We do not recommend trying to go back to earlier versions of Firmware as these may not be available for your newer Linn DS/DSM. Plus the control software may not be compatible with this earlier version of Firmware.