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* ''Date of Introduction:'' October 2011
* ''Date of Introduction:'' October 2011
* ''Type:'' Integrated digital stream player and preamplifier
* ''Type:'' Integrated digital music player and preamplifier
* ''Features''  
* ''Features''  

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Product info

  • Product Name: Klimax DSM
  • Date of Introduction: October 2011
  • Type: Integrated digital music player and preamplifier

Latest software

Latest software releases

Open source software


Product Information / Quickstart Guide

Konfig manual

Kinsky Desktop manual

DSM Remote control manual

Kinsky Jukebox manual

Generic Safety Information

Network Setup

Back Panel Connections


  1. MAINS INPUT - To connect to the mains electricity supply.
  2. FALLBACK - To put the device into Fallback mode (used when reprogramming the unit).
  3. TOSLINK IN- To connect sources with Toslink (optical) digital outputs.
  4. ETHERNET - To connect to a network.
  5. SPDIF IN - To connect sources with Spdif digital outputs.
  6. BALANCED IN RIGHT, LEFT - To connect sources with balanced (XLR) outputs*.
  7. BALANCED OUT RIGHT, LEFT - To connect to a power amplifier with balanced (XLR) inputs.
  8. UNBALANCED OUT RIGHT, LEFT - To connect to a power amplifier with unbalanced (RCA) inputs.
  9. EARTH GROUND - For connecting the unit to an earthing terminal if no mains earth is available or for joining the earths of other products in the system to improve perfromance in areas of poor/noisy electrical earth conditions.
  10. HDMI IN 1, 2, 3 - To connect sources with HDMI outputs.
  11. HDMI OUT - To connect to a display device with HDMI inputs.

* XLR to RCA adaptors are supplied for connecting sources with unbalanced outputs.

Front Panel




Please read the following carefully before installing the unit in your system – your unit may need to be reconfigured by your Linn retailer.

  • Unpacking - Please read the information on unpacking your Klimax DSM.
  • Positioning - Please read the information on positioning your Klimax DSM.

For further assistance, try our customer support pages or the Linn Forum.

HDMI Audio Bypass Mode

During normal HDMI operation, with an HDMI input selected for listening, the DSM will not pass audio to the HDMI output and any attached HDMI downstream devices (TV, for example).

Audio is only passed to the HDMI output when the DSM is in HDMI Audio Bypass Mode. This mode can be activated either by entering sleep/standby mode or by selecting a non HDMI input for listening.