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Does the Linn DS/DSM players play BBC Radio via TuneIn?
Yes, the Linn DS/DSM/HUB will continue to use TuneIn to access and play the BBC radio stations.
From the 30th September 2019 BBC radio made changes to what can access their Radio stations via TuneIn. This is mainly for devices that can support using the BBC Sounds App. The Linn DS products do not support the Sounds App can will continue to have BBC Radio playback rights using Tunein.
Check the BBC Sounds >HELP< section for more information.
I cannot get any foreign Radio stations, I can only get UK stations
Due to a legal case between TuneIn and Sony Music, Warner Music. on licences. UK radio stations have licences for UK wecasting. However, non-UK based radio stations were not licensed to webcast music within the UK,
This is a TuneIn issue we are waiting for them to resolve.