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Is it better to leave Linn products powered up?
Although Linn electronic products can be left permanently powered up, it is advisable to disconnect equipment from the mains when not in use. This complies with international safety legislation and ensures that products are isolated from the mains during unusual fluctuations (such as lightning storms) or unexpected glitches or interruptions in the supply. 

Can my system be converted for a different mains voltage?
Many Linn products can be converted for different mains voltages or have multi-standard power supplies. The method of conversion differs from product to product and, as such, you should contact your retailer for advice.

Can my product be upgraded to the latest specification?

Where possible, we endeavour to offer new features in existing products as hardware or software upgrades available through our retailer network. Any of our authorised retailers will be happy to advise you of the upgrades available for your product and in many cases will be able to carry these out for you.

How can I maximise the performance of my Linn system?
The best system will have the best sounding components from disc player or turntable through to the loudspeakers. Start with your choice of music format, because the way you access your music determines the source components you need. After you decide how you will use your system and which sources you require, you can select a pre-amplifier that suits your needs to operate at the heart of your system. The listening room and the volume level at which you want to listen to your system help determine your best choice of power amplification, cabling and loudspeakers.

The position of loudspeakers in the room is very important. Most Linn loudspeakers are designed to work close to, or against, a wall. Exact position should be determined by auditioning and experimenting. The next step is to try angling the loudspeakers slightly inwards; sometimes this results in an improvement although it does depend on the room. When this is done, ensure that the distance between the loudspeakers and the back wall is the same for both speakers as this can also make a difference. Once you are happy with the position of the loudspeakers it is important to make sure that all the feet are sitting firmly on the floor: the more rigid a speaker is (i.e. the less it moves when you rock it from side-to-side/front-to-back) the better it will perform.

Please note that you will gain the best performance by having your system expertly installed by your approved Linn retailer.

Why does my product not respond to the remote control?
The first thing you should do is replace the batteries in your remote: a simple solution but easily overlooked.

You may find that the IR commands of your product have been disabled. This is most commonly done by changing the product’s user options. Details of how to change user options can be found in the owner's manual.

Alternatively, it is possible that your product is subject to IR interference from an outside source such as a plasma display, energy efficient lighting, direct sunlight etc. In this case, an effective diagnosis can be made by moving your product to a different location, preferably a different room.

My Linn product has displayed an error message, what does it mean?

Some products may display error messages under specific circumstances and these are generally of use only to the service engineer who can use them to more quickly diagnose a fault. If your product displays an unusual message, please contact your retailer, who will be able to advise further.

Which products have been subject to recall?
The following products have been subject to a factory recall. We advise that the product is disconnected from your mains supply and other audio components.

AV5105 amplifiers (any serial number)
LK240 amplifiers (any serial number)
Melodik/5150 bass extension loudspeakers (serial numbers 1001 - 714450 inclusive)

Please contact your local authorised Linn retailer or distributor who will be able to assist you further if you have any further questions or queries. We would also appreciate if you could forward your full name and postal address to our headquarters.