FAQ:Linn MajikDSM (2020 variant)

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General operation

How to get my Alexa to Play on the Majik DSM
You need to setup the Majik DSM as Bluetooth speakers for the Majik DSM. Check Setup on how to configure this.
This will then allow you to select your Music to play back on the Majik DSM as well as the volume of the Music.
Can I plug my Exakt speakers or Linn Exaktbox into this Majik DSM
No, this 2020 variant of the Majik DSM has no Exakt capabilities

Can I plug my USB drive/stick into the USB socket to play Music

Type: USB-B socket

USB Audio Class 2 endpoint with supported sample rates from 44.1k to {{{1}}}

The Linn DSM is a USB stream player. It does not recognise a USB hard drive/USB stick as a Music STREAMING source.

Connect this USB socket into a Windows7/8/10/11 PC or MAC and be a Sound card for these computers.
• DSD audio will typically be transcoded to PCM, by the PC/MAC, before transporting down the USB cable to the Linn DSM