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Surround sound via Exakt


Exakt surround allows a DSM to receive multi-channel audio over HDMI and play it through an Exakt system. It is usable on any DSM with HDMI inputs and Exakt outputs.

Any sensible speaker configuration is supported from 2.0 to 7.4.

No need for a dedicated AV processor.

No need to manually setup down-mixes or delays.

Audio must be delivered to the DSM as PCM. Most HDMI sources are capable of this; any that don’t (e.g. Apple TV) can be supported using a HDMI repeater that is capable of Dolby/DTS to PCM conversion (e.g. Oppo).

DSM models with analog as well as Exakt outputs can use the analog outputs to feed one or two non-Exakt speakers (e.g. Exakt fronts with analog surrounds for a 4.0 system).

Channel Assignment

Go to the Exakt tab in your DS’ configuration page. ExaktSurroundExaktTab.png

System configuration is largely like that for a stereo Exakt system: Exaktboxes are configured in the normal way then all channel assignments can be made. Note that the channel options for each speaker now contain all speaker positions for a 7.1 system. ExaktSurroundChannelOptions.png

If you want to use analog outputs from your DSM for 1 or 2 surround channels, select which speaker(s) are connected then assign channels for these too. ExaktSurroundAnalogOutputs.png

System setup is very flexible but must follow some basic rules:

  • All systems must contain front left & front right
  • If rear or surround speakers are present, they must have both left & right
  • Surround speakers must be present before rears can be used
  • Centre and sub are optional but can be used with any other setup

Once all channels have been selected, press the Apply button. ExaktSurroundChannelsApply.png

Note that the configuration for all Exakt devices must be applied together. (This allows Konfig to validate the speaker configuration for the overall system, enforcing the rules above and providing meaningful feedback if an invalid speaker configuration has been selected.)

You can now use the Test button beside each speaker to confirm that channel allocation is correct. If you make any changes (e.g. reversing left/right for a pair of speakers), press Apply again.

No manual setup of down-mix mode is required. Konfig will automatically apply the most appropriate down-mix based on the channels assigned to your speakers.


A subwoofer can be assigned one of 4 possible channels:

  • Mono
  • LFE
  • Front left
  • Front right

Selecting front left (or right) instructs the sub to play the same content as the front left (or right) speaker. You should only select this if you have 2 subs, one assigned to each left and right.

Selecting mono instructs the sub to play a down-mix of both front left and right.

Selecting LFE instructs the sub to only play LFE content for multi-channel tracks. An LFE sub will be silent when playing stereo music.

Note that if no LFE sub is defined, LFE content will be directed to front left & right speakers.


The process for this is equivalent to a stereo system, just for more speakers.


No setup of speaker delays is required. The linear phase audio delivered by Exakt means that the correct delays have been applied automatically.

DSM HDMI inputs will default to minimal latency. If you require additional delay for lip sync, the process for this is unchanged – set the delay mode for the relevant HDMI source to “Video sync” then adjust latency using either the Ir remote or the configuration tab in Konfig.

Volume Equalisation

Once Space+ Optimisation has been applied, you can apply volume offsets to equalise volume between speakers in the system. ExaktSurroundVolOffsetsEntry.png

Pressing the Play icon beside any speaker will play pink noise through that speaker. ExaktSurroundVolOffsetsPlayIcon.png

The +/- buttons beside this can be used to adjust volume for that speaker. ExaktSurroundVolOffsetsPlusMinus.png Once you have completed setting volume offsets, press Apply. ExaktSurroundVolOffsetsApply.png

Switching between surround and stereo modes

The DSM will automatically switch between stereo and surround content. No user changes are required.


A stereo down-mix of surround content will be sent to any songcast receivers. This does not affect any down-mix applied in your surround system.