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Davaar Build 3 (4.1.3) Released on 17 Mar 2011

  • Multiroom functionality will use the name Songcast
  • Temporarily disabled Multicast multiroom distribution functionality (Unicast only)
  • Various bug fixes

Davaar Build 2 (4.1.2) Released on 17 Feb 2011

  • Added Unicast multiroom distribution functionality (added user option to select between Unicast and Multicast)
  • Added 'Source Direct' option to allow external sources to acheive a zero latency delay (vs multiroom sync)
  • Fixed standby lockup issue
  • External sources now supply stream information to the Info and Time services
  • Sender now reports state as disabled when disabled option is set
  • Added Autoplay functionality (and user option)
  • Added user option allowing device to power up into or out of standby
  • Minimum lip sync delay is now 100ms
  • Various bug fixes

Davaar Build 1 (4.1.1) Released on 13 Dec 2010