Developer:Release Notes 3.1.3

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Cara Build 3 (3.1.3) Released on 24 Feb 2009

  • fixes #8 - An item with the same key has already been added error (LinnConfig)
  • fixes #3 - DS Becomes slow then unresponsive
  • fixes #5 - LinnConfig_3.1.1.development.exe not seeing Sneaky Music DS
  • fixes internal ticket 2452 - Seek Next from AAC file - next track does not play
  • fixes internal ticket 2466 - Abrupt audio dropout for few secs (state->buffering)
  • Added debug console to LinnConfig
  • Full revision history from last release (OSS only)
  • No API changes
  • No Hardware changes
  • Full release history for KinskyDesktop (Note: If you are installing over the top of a previous version of KinskyDesktop you will need to delete the existing configuration file, KinskyDesktop.conf, otherwise the browser view will not operate correctly)