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Developer Documentation

The open nature of Linn's DS products allow any interested party to write their own application and interact with the DS. The following pages document the interfaces the DS exposes.

Compatibility Islands

DS releases are cateogrised by the name of a Scottish island. Any DS software release described by the same island is interface compatible. This means that properly written applications written against that island will work across all releases of that island. More information is available here: Software Compatibility Families

Existing Islands

Develoment Releases

Prior to the full release of a new island, Linn provides development releases to allow external developers to update their applications to work with the new interfaces. Development releases are for developers, not early adopters. Although they are feature complete, there are still a number of bugs, some of them potentially bad.

The easiest way to upgrade your device(s) to the latest development firmware is to download the latest development version of LinnConfig from the developer downloads location, and enable the 'Show Development Releases' option (Tools->Options->Updates, 'Show Advanced Options' must also be enabled). If you then right click on your device, you will be given the option to Update to the latest development firmware. At this point, all development builds will appear automatically (as long as you have not ticked Tools->Options->Updates->Turn Off Automatic Update Check).

Release Notes

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