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CTRL4.png Control4 with Kazoo Server

"Linn DS Series" & "Linn DS Network (32 Players)"

The Control4 module provides the following features,
  • Simple integration and installation via a Linn provided Control4 certified module
  • Support for cloud and local music through Control4 virtual sources for browsing and searching Tidal, Qobuz, TuneIn, Kazoo Server and Minim Server
  • Support for AV installations, such as Kaleidescape, through volume and source switching modules
  • Support for Control4 zone grouping
  • OS 2.10 & OS 3 compatible
  • OS 3 and Kustom DSM support use V145 or later
Linn Control4 setup guide document

Control4 Driver FAQ's


February 8th 2021
Control4 driver V161 Certified and released by Control 4 Inc

{UPDATE: Previous versions, before V156, will NOT work with Control4 OS 3.20)

This uses the Kazoo Server with API Gateway enabled.


When I select Music in Kazoo it does not play and there is no coverart shown. Also Control/Creston has no control

Go into Kazoo Server settings and check the Network settings.
If Kazoo Server is setup for a different network then the Music and coverart link are for this different network. Double check that Kazoo Server network settings are same the Linn DS/DSM network

The Gateway API will also be trying to communicate with the wrong network addresses.

Control4 using original Control4 driver

Control4 direct Linn DS control using the original ExtraVegetables created driver. This is only compatible with Control4 OS 2

LPEC (telnet) control options

3rd party control systems