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Davaar 10 Build 2 (4.10.2) Released on 04 Dec 2012

  • Fixed defect #3365: Majik DSM: loss of HDMI audio after changing HDMI "Audio Mode" while in Standby
  • Spdif interrupt improvements: will hopefully have an impact on HDMI lockup issues
  • Fixed defect #3358: Akurate DSM/Klimax DSM: balance on analog inputs is reversed
  • Added parameter to enable/disable from panel buttons
  • Added display sleep mode parameter to remaining models (single led devices: Renew DS, Akuarte Renew DS, Sneaky Music DS)
  • Device xml serial number field now contains the product ID, the product ID is then reflected in the device UDN as well. This will impact any contol point that caches device UDN numbers: you will be forced to re-discover your device.
  • Mutex protect Proxy tests so that multiple calls from Konfig do not crash the device
  • Added missing exception handler on playlist read call (MediaPlaylistDsNotFound)
  • Tightened constraints on the unicode font to exclude characters that can not be rendered correctly (as they were causing a device to crash).