AMS Upgrade procedure

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Performing the upgrade

This should ONLY be performed by Registered Linn Retailers

  1. Create a CD-ROM from the AkurateMusicserver_0101.iso file retreived from outLINFO website
  2. Turn the AMS( Akurate Music Server )off.
  3. Connect a monitor and keyboard to the AMS.
  4. Turn ON the AMS and insert the CD-ROM into the AMS drive. This will begin the auto install .
  5. You will be prompted to press I for a clean install. For the serial number leave blank ,press return, and then Y
  6. The install will now begin and take a few minutes the CD-ROM will eject when complete.
  7. Leave the AMS for another 10-15 minutes and use the KivorGUI or Internet explorer to check status.
  8. Access the AMS web interface by typing the unit's IP address into a web browser
  9. Click on the “Network and Device Configuration”
  10. Verify the settings. If you make any changes hit the SAVE button
  11. Installation of the Rekursive Software is now complete.