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Networking Applications

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  • HE.NET Network tools -- useful using with iPerf2 to monitor wifi links from iDevices
  • PingMan -- Tools for checking continuous ping time to an IP address
  • Test MyNet - Broadband speed test tools
  • SpeedSpot -- Good for checking Wifi connection speed
  • Cloud Check -- Run Wifi Sweetspots to check the quality of your Wifi connection realtime
  • NetTools -- finding UPnP devices
  • - Netflix internet Speed Test


  • NetX -- usefuln for check Wifi signal strength and devices on the LAN
  • TaUF (UPnP finder) - Find any UPnP and enquire the Services
  • UPnP Tool - search for any UPnP devices on network
  • Wifi SNR -- to check how good/strong your Wifi is
  • Test MyNet - Broadband speed test tools
  • - Netflix internet Speed Test