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What is a Linn Account?

This is a user account that will allow the user access to Linn Services.

Within your Linn account you can edit your account details or manage your music systems; your Linn account is accessible from any device, allowing you to manage your music systems from your PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

These services include:

Where can I find the Linn Account information?

Your Linn Account can be created and accessed from > Full Menu


How can I take a Linn DS/DSM off my Linn Account

There are THREE ways to do this:
1. If you are on the same network as the Linn DS/DSM then:

a) go into Kazoo Settings > Linn Account and log in to the Linn Account that currently has the Linn DS/DSM
b) This will give a list of Linn DS/DSM on this network and REMOVE the required Linn DS/DSM.
c) Complete

2. If you do not have access the Linn Account that the Linn DS/DSM is linked to:

a) Open Konfig
b) Goto the ADVANCED tab
c) Select the Linn DS/DSM to be unlinked from the Linn Account and hit the <RESTORE>. This will do a factory reset on the Linn DS/DSM and remove this from the Linn Account.

3. If the Linn DS powered off and is on your Linn Account and you want unlink it from your Account:

a) Open Manage account
b) Select the Linn DS/DSM you want to remove. If the room is OFF (that is, no mains power), the web-page will state that the Room is offline. This page will also give you the option to REMOVE MUSIC ROOM. Select this option to unlink this Linn DS/DSM from your Linn Account.