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Exakt Information

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Exakt information

On Linn DS/DSM products you can have stereo audio on both Exakt speakers and analogue audio outputs. However, by default, this is disabled and if you have Exakt speakers/ExaktBox connected the audio is muted from the analogue output.
To have both analogue and Exakt audio at the same time, go into Konfig > DEVICE > ADVANCED to enable Dual Analogue/Exakt Stereo Output.
Note: the only difference is that the Exakt audio is delayed by approx 40mS compared to the Analogue output due to the digital processing.

The only other time that the Exakt audio outputs are disabled is when the Internal volume control is turned OFF

Konfig states "EXAKT DISABLED"

If you have the Internal Volume control disabled within Konfig your Exakt-link sockets are disabled. (to stop full volume always playing on your Exakt system!)

Exakt cabling

ALL FOUR pairs of the cables are used in the Exakt Link cable.

We recommend using the 100Base-T4 / 568B ethernet cable pairing

Exakt Link uses readily available network cables:


Note: There is no change in the audio performance of the Exakt Link between Cat 5 or Cat 6 Cables.

CAT 7 cable specifications will make a poorer data and clock signals.
This will limit the Exakt cable length that can be used and the sound quality.

Typical Ethernet 100Base-T length restrictions guide:

Patch cable < 30M
Solid core cable < 100M

EXAKT-LINK CANNOT be used with:

  • Ethernet Isolators,
  • Ethernet conditioners,
  • HomePlugs/Ethernet-over-Mains devices
  • WLAN bridges etc

Exakt-Link can ONLY be a CAT5/6 cable from Exakt socket to Exakt socket

It is important that the Exakt cables are wired:

  • The cables are paired up using OUT > IN style connections.
  • Any Linn product with these sockets can be linked together. This means you can link a Klimax DS/2 to a Majik ExaktBox-I and have a fully working Exakt system

More information can be found on Exakt systems HERE

What is an Exakt Engine

Exakt technology brings natural sound to the listener.
One Exakt Engine is designed for the signal processing for one loudspeaker.
The Engine will:

  1. Take the digital stream is then split up to send to the correct speaker drive unit with that loudspeaker.(Bass, mid, tweeter etc).
  2. Each speaker drive unit feed is then adjusted in gain level to match the speaker drive unit performance and any Space Optimisation adjustments
  3. Finally, each speaker drive unit audio delivers a linear phase performance across all the frequencies to ensure they arrive at your ear perfectly synchronised.

The Klimax Exaktbox & Akurate Exaktbox6 have one Exakt Engine with six audio channels.
The Akurate Exaktbox10, Akurate Exaktbox-I and Majik Exaktbox-I have two Exakt Engines. The Akurate Exaktbox10 has 5channels per Engine. The Akurate & Majik Exaktbox-I each have 4channels per Engine.