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What is a beta programme?

Linn has a beta programme to allow external use and testing of new software and hardware prior to its formal release. Whilst we provide and test against recommended environments, in an open system, there are many different tweaks and changes that DS customers can employ. The beta programme helps ensure that an upcoming release of software works in as many of those different environments as possible.

Characteristics of a Linn beta release

  • All intended features of the upcoming release are implemented.
  • It functions reasonably well on at least one recommended environment.
  • It has had some internal testing against that recommended environment.
  • Discussion and support take place on Linn's Development Forum
  • Bugs can be reported on Linn's Development Forum
  • Beta releases are not supported by the Linn Service Department; this includes rolling back to previous releases after beta software has been installed
  • Davaar Beta release notes

Who should participate in the beta programme?

Technically advanced DS users who:

  • Don't mind if their DS doesn't play any music for a couple of hours, or even a couple of days.
  • Don't mind that they can't use all of their current control points.
  • Are willing to discuss their experiences on Linn's Development Forum
  • Are willing to raise bugs on Linn's Development Forum and then track and test the potential solutions to those bugs.
  • Want to help to ensure that their environment has robust support when the software is fully released.