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Crestron 4 Linn DS Driver

Both drivers have the common capability:

  • Series3 Processor support
  • This works with other non-Crestron control points. That is, and changes by other control devices are shown in the Crestron panels
  • Presets to quickly access favourite music libraries
  • Smart Graphics GUI, in landscape orientation, with Linn Kazoo look and feel, but also re-skinable in an installer specific Look & Feel.
  • Tested with a 10 DS and 4 controller setup (More Linn DS or Controller setup may require more Crestron Processors)
Linn DS Crestron setup guide

Linn DS Series V36/37 Certified February 2019

Linn DS Series V67 Certification January 2020
Linn_iPad/XPanel Player vta