Space Optimisation and Space Optimisation+

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for ALL Linn DS/DSM products
Linn Account Space Optimisation
Currently for non-Exakt STEREO systems only
Konfig Space.png
Linn Konfig Space Optimisation
& Space Optimisation+

or EXAKT & Non-Exakt systems

Linn Space Optimisation is currently configurable using either the Konfig app or the Linn Account Manage systems.

Click the above picture/icon for more information of that version of Space Optimisation.

More details of what Space Optimisation is can be found at


  • Is the Linn Account Manage systems only available for the new Linn Selekt DSM
Both Applications can be used for ALL Linn Products.
The only limitation is that the Linn DS/DSM must have Davaar64 to run Linn Account Manage systems]

  • Currently Linn Account Manage systems Space Optimisation is only available for stereo non-Exakt systems. If you have Exakt speakers or sub-woofers defined in your system then use the Konfig version of Space Optimisation.

  • Why don't you use a Microphone in Space Optimisation?
Check this link for more detail.

  • What are the differences between the Konfig Space Optimisation and Linn Account Space Optimisation?
The differences are explained HERE