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Konfig is primarily for use of Retailers and Installers for setting up and software updates of the Linn DS products. If you have any doubt of the operation of this software please do not use and call you Retailer/installer for assistance.

Konfig provides advanced configuration of a Linn DS, notification and updating of a Linn DS to the latest firmware, restoring Linn DS settings back to factory defaults and manual updating of a Linn DS firmware.

Konfig can also be run from a web-browser with all functions except the software update. Get the IP address of the Linn DS/DSM from the front panel using either the:

REM 020 Remote control by pressing and holding the # button
or with the
REM 019 Remote control by pressing DVD then the INFO buttons.

When you are in DS web page select Control, this will give you the same options (except Software update) as below


System Requirements


  • Windows Vista or later version of Windows (NOT Windows XP)
  • IE9 or later
  • 32 or 64-bit hardware
  • Internet connection when using Exakt Systems


  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 or later
  • 32 or 64-bit hardware
  • Internet connection when using Exakt Systems



  • Download the installer from the download page
  • Double click the downloaded .exe file
  • Follow the on screen instructions in the installer program

  • Earlier versions of Konfig can be found HERE


  • Download the .pkg file from the download page
  • Double click the downloaded .pkg file
  • Follow the on screen instructions in the installer program

  • Earlier versions of Konfig can be found HERE



  • Open the Windows Control Panel and double click "Programs and Features"
  • Select "Konfig" in the list of programs and click the "Uninstall" button
  • Follow the on screen instructions in the uninstall window


  • Using Finder drag the Konfig icon from Applications/Konfig to the waste bin


Konfig for Mac and Windows will automatically check for new software updates. Checking for available updates can also be performed manually as described below. Alternatively, Konfig can be updated by manually downloading the installation packages from the download page and installing them using the method described in the Installing section above.

History of updates

A history of Konfig updates can be found here


Konfig has three main views, Configuration, Updates and Advanced


Click the Change button to slide a list of available devices in from the left. Selecting a device from the list will show it's configuration page in the right hand pane.

Configuration Page

Help for every Setting

For dynamic help information on any given setting, click on the question mark icon next to the setting.

Configuration Page

Digital Output Mode

On products with an SPDIF or TOSLINK output socket, you can define the output sample rate. The options available are:

Raw, the sample rate of the playback music dictates the output sample rate
Fixed Sample Rate: 88/96kHz, this will upsample, maintain or downsample the playback to either 88kHz or 96kHz
Fixed Sample Rate: 176/192kHz, this will upsample or maintain the playback to either 176kHz or 192kHz
Disabled, this will disable all S/PDIF and Toslink outputs


Send anonymous usage data to Linn

Select Yes to allow your Linn DS/DSM to send usage data to Linn. This will help us decide where to allocate time for new features or improvements.

NOTE: No personal information is sent to Linn as a result of this option being checked.

Send Crash Data

Select Yes to allow your Linn DS/DSM to send crash data to Linn in the event of a failure. This will help us in diagnosing and fixing existing issues. This is used by the Linn Helpline and Service department to check and what has caused the Linn DS/DSM to reboot itself.

If you select No this makes it more difficult to help diagnose remotely what has happened to your product.

NOTE: No personal information is sent to Linn as a result of this option being checked.

Delay Setup

  • Select the input you wish to delay from the Sources tab
  • Make sure Digital Features is set to On.
    • This only applies to Analog inputs on certain devices. Off provides an analog bypass audio path, which means SPACE optimistation, songcast, and delay can not be used with the input.
Note: This feature is only available with an analogue only playback. If you connect Exakt speakers or Exakt-box this feature is disabled.
  • Select the relevant option for Delay Mode
    • Minimal: the smallest delay the device can offer (10-15ms)
    • Songcast Sync: fixed delay which guarantees Songcast remains in-sync (150ms)
    • Video sync: traditional user-adjustable lipsync setting (Songcast will also be in-sync for delays greater than 150ms)
  • For Video sync, the Delay value must also be set. This can be found on the Device tab. It can also be adjusted using the right and left handset keys when the given input is selected.

RS232 (proxy) Preamp Connection Setup

If you have a Linn Pre-amplifier (RS232 controlled) this can be setup to be controlled by the Kazoo control software.

  • Connect any Linn DS RS232 port to the Linn Preamp RS232 IN port using a Linn RS232 cable
  • Connect the Linn DS audio output to the Linn preamp audio input. See example system setups for more information
  • Copy the text in the Name field from the Device tab


  • Select the RS232 Connections tab
  • Select the Linn preamp and the Linn DS com port number it is wired to.


  • Reboot the Linn DS
  • Once rebooted, click on the Change button (upper left of application) and select the Preamp device from the list
  • From the source tab, select the Input that the Linn DS is connected to (i.e. Analog 1) and paste the Linn DS name copied before into the Name field


  • If setup correctly, your system will be controllable as a single device from a Linn control point

Startup Behavior

A number of different settings can be applied to customise the way your device starts up

  • Startup Mode: normally your device will power up in Sleep (aka standy). Select Active to skip sleep mode and go straight to playback mode on power up
  • Auto Play: normally you must press play to start playing audio. Change this setting to On to make your device play audio immediately when a source is selected (only relevant to Playlist, Radio, and Songcast)
  • Startup Source: normally your device will startup on the last source you were listening to. You can change this setting to make sure the device starts up on a specific source instead
  • Startup Volume: this setting allows you to select the volume level applied on startup
  • As an example, with Startup Mode set to Active, Auto Play set to On, Startup Source set to Radio, and Startup Volume set 50, your device would automatically play Radio at Volume 50 when the power is switched on.

TuneIn Radio Setup

You can interact with TuneIn radio on your device in different ways

  • Kazoo: you can browse TuneIn using Kazoo's rich interface by logging in to the dedicated TuneIn tile. Make sure TuneIn is enabled from the Streaming Services tab
  • Presets: you can make use of your own TuneIn presets using Kazoo or the handset. Select the Radio source from the Sources tab and enter your TuneIn Username
  • Best of both: if you login to the Kazoo TuneIn tile with the same username used for radio presets, then you can browse TuneIn from Kazoo and save new stations to your preset list.


  • Toslink/SPDIF outputs are NOT Volume controlled
  • Output Attenuation has NO effect on the Exakt output
  • Setting an RS232 preamp connection automatically sets Internal Volume Control to Off as the preamp will be used instead
  • Akurate Kontrol/1: Room name (Devices tab) must match the corresponding Room name of your Linn DS/DSM. Source name should match the Linn DS/DSM device name (similar to RS232 setup)
  • Marking a source invisible does not disable it, but simply hides it from control points
  • The Source Transformer is to provide galvanic isolation for sources with direct coupling. If you are using a source that already has an audio transformer, such as a URIKA XLR output, this should be disabled.

Urika II setup

Select the CHANGE to select the cartridge that you want the Urika II to support.

If the cartridge is not listed select "Other Moving Coil Cartridge" this will allow you to select the Gain(44dB, 50dB, 56dB, 64dB), input resistance (31R -1k0) and input capacitance (0.5nF-2nF).

The Exakt input will allow you to assign the Urika II to one of the two Exakt inputs available. This will allow you to have two turntables setup linked to the same Linn DS/DSM and allow an AB dem.


Space Optimisation

See the Space Optimisation article for more detailed instructions.

An Internet connection is required when using Exakt Systems and Space Optimisation

Exakt System

If you have selected an Exakt system, you will see four configuration tabs.


Allows you to assign an audio channel (i.e. Left, Right, Centre, Surround....) to an Exakt speaker.
If you are using both the Exakt outputs and the analogue outputs in a non-Surround setup then make sure that Konfig > Device > "Dual Analogue/Exakt Stereo Output" has been enabled. (Davaar55 onwards)
If you want to use a Sub-woofer with the Stereo speaker you can add these as a "Front Left", "Front Right" or "Mono" channel. If you declare this as "LFE" then this output will only be available with HDMI surround playback
Note: using both Analogue and Exakt output then the analogue output will occur approx 45mS BEFORE the Exakt playback.

Exakt Tabs

"Exakt.Design Filters" & Sign-in to Exakt.Design are for allow sharing of filters generated by Manufacturers and Retailers.
To use these filters you will need to have a Exakt.Design login and have the Exakt design shared with your login by the filter designer (email on Exakt.Design speakers page).

If you have "Show Speaker variant versions" enabled in Konfig settings then this will show you different downloads that are available. information on these Exakt filters can be found HERE

Note: Surround channels are only possible with Linn DSM products and the HDMI connections are enabled.

Exakt Tabs Once you have selected your speakers and assigned them to channels (Front Left, Front Right etc) hit the APPLY button
Note: The PREVIEW button is only available via a Exakt.Design accont and this button will only temporarily setup this speaker configuration and only meant for a preview of the configuration.
Once the Linn DS/DSM is put into Standby any settings done in the PREVIEW mode are lost

Space Optimisation+

Provides a listener focused way of applying room optimisation.

Exakt Tabs

Non-Exakt System

If you have selected a DS system, you will see two configuration tabs.

Space Optimisation

Provides a listener focused way of applying room optimisation.

Exakt Tabs


Only supported speaker types will work with Space Optimisation.
The current list of supported speakers can be found here

Surround sound

See the Exakt surround documentation.


ARC -Audio Return Channel allows the Linn DSM HDMI output to receive audio returned from the TV. The Linn DSM will allow you to select this HDMI output as an audio input. This connection will not tell the TV what audio formats are supported so make sure that your TV is only set to Stereo PCM ARC.
CEC - Consumer Electronics Control. When you have the ARC enabled on your TV and the Linn DSM is listening to your TV via the HDMI ARC input, this will pass through the Volume, Mute & Standby commands from your TV Remote to control the Linn DSM.

ARC/CEC is only possible on Linn DSM's with the HDMI2 board.

Turn HDMI Off in Sleep - When the Linn DSM in sleep the DSM HDMI output will be dead and will not pass any Audio or Video information to the TV.

Below Refers to Linn DSM with HDMI2 boards only

Cec Auto Source Select - With Cec enabled,this option turned ON and TV ARC enabled, when you bring you TV out of Standby this will automatically switch the Linn DSM to the HDMI ARC input.


Updates Page

The Updates tab indicates the number of Linn devices that currently have a newer software version available, as shown in the screenshot above.

Each device that has an update available will be in the list of updatable devices. Each device has information about the update version available as well as a link to the release notes.

To update a device click the 'Update' button. If you have more than one devices to update you can click the 'Update All' button to update all the devices at the same time.

If the message "The DS update was successful but Konfig failed to update the privacy options. These can be manually updated via the Configuration page." appears don't worry. The DS update was successful but Konfig failed to update the privacy options.

This is only a precautionary warning that the Privacy settings could not be updated automatically.
Go into Konfig > Device tab and set "Send Usage Data" and "Send Crash Data" to your preferred settings. (These are used to find out how the Linn DS is used and report any product crashes anonymously to Linn Products Ltd for diagnostic use.


Advanced Page

The Advanced page allows a user to restore a Linn device back to the original factory settings. It also allows a user to manually updating a Linn device's firmware to a locally stored firmware bundle.

AdvanceSelekt.jpg On some of the Linn Products, such as the Selekt DSM, the software is directly loaded into to Linn DS/DSM from the Internet.

Restore Factory Settings

Click the 'Restore' button associated with the desired Linn device to start the process of restoring the Linn device to its factory default settings.

Recover product

This used to reload a recovery firmware into the Linn DS/DSM. This is ONLY used if the Linn DS is non-functional and told to try this by the Linn Helpline/Support team.
The Linn DS/DSM will require another software update this action to bring it back to the current software.

Participate in beta program

Whether Konfig automatically checks for beta releases of firmware for available Linn devices.

Updating Linn Device Firmware

This is only available for products WITHOUT the RECOVER function

  • First download the desired firmware from here

On products with the note of component change, if the Linn DS/DSM was manufactured before 2017 try the "original" version. If Konfig tells you it is the wrong version then try the "Component change version". (Konfig will not allow you to install the wrong variant of software to the Linn DS/DSM)
Software version for Linn DS/DSM:

Linn DS/DSM Products Davaar >=37 software name Davaar 50=> software name Notes
Akurate DS/0 up to AkurateDs_4.37.1671 from AkurateDsMk1_4.50.110
Akurate DS/1 up to AkurateDs_4.37.1671 from AkurateDsMk2_4.50.110
Akurate DS/2 up to AkurateDs_4.37.1671 from AkurateDsMk3_4.50.110 Exakt
Akurate DS/3 none from AkurateDsMk4_4.61.196 Katalyst
Akurate DSM/0 up to AkurateDsm_4.37.1671 1 from AkurateDsmMk1_4.50.110
Akurate DSM/1 up to AkurateDsm_4.37.1671 1 from AkurateDsmMk2_4.50.110 Exakt
Akurate DSM/2 None from AkurateDsmMk2_4.50.110 Exakt + HDMI2
Akurate DSM/3 None from AkurateDsmMk3_4.62.200 Katalyst
Akurate Exakt DSM/0 up to AkurateExaktDsm_4.37.1671 from AkurateExaktDsm_4.50.110 Exakt
Akurate Exakt DSM/1 none from AkurateExaktDsm_4.50.110 Exakt + HDMI2
none from AkurateExaktDsmMk2_4.62.200 Component change
Kiko up to KikoDsm_4.37.1671 from KikoDsm_4.54.135 HDMI1 only
None from KikoDsmMk2_4.62.200 HDMI1 only + Component change
Klimax DS/0 up to KlimaxDs_4.37.1671 from KlimaxDsMk1_4.50.110
Klimax DS/1 up to KlimaxDs_4.37.1671 from KlimaxDsMk2_4.50.110
Klimax DS/2 up to KlimaxDs_4.37.1671 from KlimaxDsMk3_4.50.110 Exakt
Klimax DS/3 None from KlimaxDsMk4_4.50.110 2 Exakt + KATALYST
None from KlimaxDsMk5_4.63.223 2 Component change
Klimax DSM/0 up to KlimaxDsm_4.37.1671 1 from KlimaxDsmMk1_4.50.110
Klimax DSM/1 up to KlimaxDsm_4.37.1671 1 from KlimaxDsmMk2_4.50.110 Exakt
Klimax DSM/2 None from KlimaxDsmMk3_4.50.110 2 Exakt + KATALYST + HDMI2
None from KlimaxDsMk4_4.63.223 2 Component change
Klimax Exakt DSM/0 up to KlimaxExaktDsm_4.37.1671 1 from KlimaxExaktDsm_4.50.110
Klimax Exakt DSM/1 None from KlimaxExaktDsm_4.50.110 HDMI2
None from KlimaxExaktDsmMk2_4.63.223 Component change
Majik DS/0 up to MajikDs_4.37.1671 from MajikDsMk1_4.50.110
Majik DS/1 up to MajikDs_4.37.1671 from MajikDsMk1_4.50.110
Majik DS/2 up to MajikDs_4.37.1671 from MajikDsMk2_4.50.110 Exakt
none from MajikDsMk3_4.62.200 Component change
Majik DSI up to MajikDsi_4.37.1671 from MajikDsi_4.50.110
Majik DSM/0 up to MajikDsm_4.37.1671 from MajikDsmMk1_4.50.110 no HDMI
Majik DSM/1 up to MajikDsm_4.37.1671 1 from MajikDsmMk2_4.50.110 HDMI initial
Majik DSM/2 up to MajikDsm_4.37.1671 1 from MajikDsmMk3_4.50.110 Exakt
Majik DSM/3 None from MajikDsmMk3_4.50.110 Exakt + HDMI2
None from MajikDsmMk4_4.62.200 Component change
Sekrit DSI up to SekritDsi_4.37.1671 from SekritDsi_4.50.110
Sekrit DSM up to SekritDsm_4.37.1671 from SekritDsm_4.54.135 original
none from SekritDsmMk2_4.62.200 Component change
Sneaky DS up to SneakyMusicDs_4.37.1671 from SneakyMusicDs_4.54.135
Sneaky DSM up to SneakyDsm_4.37.1671 from SneakyDsm_4.54.135
Sekrit DS None from SekritDs_4.57.178 original
None from SekritDsMk2_4.62.200 Component change

1 original HDMI1 boards only, upgrade HDMI2 boards will only work with Davaar50+
2 Only support HDMI2 boards

  • In Konfig, go to the Advanced page, locate the DS product to be updated and click on 'Browse'
  • Locate the downloaded firmware zip file and select 'Open'
  • Click on 'Update'

Advanced Page

NOTE: On a Mac the downloaded firmware is automatically unzipped by the OS and so the location is a directory, unlike on Windows where the location is the downloaded zip file. To Stop this, go into Safari settings > Preferences > General and uncheck "Open safe files after downloading"

Device Recovery

This option should only be used if your are having problems updating your Linn DS through the standard methods, i.e. manually as described in the previous section.

After a 'Device Recovery' update has been performed any Linn device settings changed by the user will be set back to factory defaults.


Settings Page


This to only be used if you are having diffculty with Konfig setting up your Linn DS/DSM

Application Updates

Automatic update checks

Whether Konfig automatically checks for newer versions of Konfig.

Participate in beta program

Whether Konfig automatically checks for beta releases of Konfig.

Note: If you uncheck this box Konfig is NOT reverted back to the official release.
You will need to go to www.Linn.co.uk/software and redownload/install the current version of Konfig.

Show Speaker variant versions

This is only for Exakt speakers and users wish to go back to an earlier version of Exakt profile for their speaker. (This may not always be possible as the Exakt compilers and firmware may not support these profiles and therefor not listed)
After enabling this go into the Exakt tab of your Linn DS/DSM and select CHANGE. This will now show you the Exakt speaker variants available for the version of Firmware loaded in to you Linn DS/DSM.
Basic information on any filter changes can be found HERE

Check For Updates

Force Konfig to check for newer versions of Konfig, taking into account whether 'Participate in beta program' is checked.

Device Updates


Which network to use to locate Linn DSs.


For Development purpose only


This is the interface/gateway to give more functionality to third-party control systems, such as Control4, Crestron etc. If you are not using any of these control system this can disabled (default state)


This defines the Tidal credentials that are can be used and the Tidal login status status of the attached Linn DS/DSM products.
Press Login to log these Linn DS/DSM players this the defined account


This defines the Qobuz credentials that are can be used and the Qobuz login status status of the attached Linn DS/DSM products.
Press Login to log these Linn DS/DSM players this the defined account


This defines the TUNEIN credentials that are can be used and the TUNEIN login status status of the attached Linn DS/DSM products.
Press Login to log these Linn DS/DSM players this the defined account


This defines the Calm Radio credentials that are can be used and the Calm Radio login status status of the attached Linn DS/DSM products.
Press Login to log these Linn DS/DSM players this the defined account


This allows you to try out some of the WebSocket commands to the Kazoo Server gateway.


When I select Music it does not play and there is no coverart shown

Go into Kazoo Server settings and check the Network settings.
If Kazoo Server is setup for a different network then the Music and coverart link are for this different network. Double check that Kazoo Server network settings are same teh Linn DS/DSM network

When I install Konfig on my Windows10 machine it will not open

We suspect that Windows10 Security has blocked this installation.
The solution is to

  1. Uninstall Konfig, (right click on the shortcut and uninstall).
  2. Download Konfig BUT DO NOT RUN or INSTALL YET
  3. Go into Windows Explorer and open the folder that the konfig_latest_win.exe has been downloaded into.
  4. Right click on the konfig_latest_win.exe file and select properties.
    1. At the bottom of the "General" tab under Security, if you get asked if you want to "Unblock" this file then select UNBLOCK and Apply.
  5. Now run the konfig_latest_win.exe to install Konfig and Konfig should now run

Note: If you have previously run the konfig_latest_win.exe then the unblock option will not be shown. You will need to delete and re-download this file, unblock and then run.

If this does not fix it then something in the Windows operating system is stopping it from working.
To get more information:

  1. Try and run Konfig again and take note of the time you tried to run it.
  2. Click on the Windows Search bar and search for EVENT VIEWER and run this App.
  3. Open "Windows Logs" > "Applicaiton" and check around the "Date and Time" that you tried tio start Konfig and look for any Errors. Check the Details and pass this on the Linn hlplien for more assistance.

Konfig update reports "... but Konfig failed to update the privacy options..."

This is only a precautionary warning that the Privacy settings could not be updated automatically.
Go into Konfig > Device tab and set "Send Usage Data" and "Send Crash Data" to your preferred settings. (These are used to find out how the Linn DS is used and report any product crashes anonymously to Linn Products Ltd for diagnostic use.

Konfig crashes after 10-20secs

This will occus if there has been a corruption in the download of data for Konfig operation. This will do a "clear cache" of Konfig fileCache folder.

  • Open Finder
  • From the Menu bar at the top select 'Go' then 'Go to Folder'
  • Type in "~/Library/Application Support/Linn/Konfig/FileCache" and click Go
  • Select all the files in that folder and delete
  • Now reboot your MAC and rerun Konfig

On a Windows PC

  • Using My computer, go into C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Linn and delete the Konfig folder. (You may have to go into "Tools > Folder Options > View" and enable "Show hidden files, folders, or drives")
  • Now reboot your PC and rerun Konfig

On Windows10 all of the screen text is huge and cannot access all controls

Suspect that you have a hi-resolution display. The solution is:

  1. Right click application icon and choose the compatibility tab,
  2. check the box that says Override high DPI scaling behavior
  3. from the drop down menu select scaling performed by system
  4. Hit OK to exit properties.
  5. Log out or reboot your PC

This will fix the screen size issue.

Issues programming an Exakt products

If the device fails to program:
1 - Make sure that the Linn DS/DSM and Exakt speakers are ON
2 - press fallback on each Exakt speaker/ExaktBox
3 - run Konfig, go into the Linn DS/DSM > Exakt page and select <RESTORE> to programme each speaker.

When a failure is reported, DO NOT press FALLBACK at any time:
  • - Quit Konfig
  • - Power cycle (Mains power OFF then ON), the Linn DS/DSM
  • - Bring the Linn DS/DSM out of Sleep/Standby
  • - Run Konfig, in Linn DS/DSM > Exakt page and each speaker should be showing the <RESTORE> button. Click <RESTORE> to restore these speakers

4 - device should now be reprogrammed correctly. If it doesn't please contact Linn Products with details of all product serial numbers and what the original software version (Davaar version was installed in the LinnDS/DSM

After Davaar55 update my Speaker assignments have changed

Davaar55 now supports Surround mode with Exakt speakers and local analogue outputs.
By default the Konfig software will look in the Linn DS/DSM for its configuration. If it finds one it will use this configuration. If, however, in previous versions of Davaar these configuration settings were only saved in the Exakt speakers if they were present.
The solution is:

  1. Power off the Linn DS/DSM,
  2. Disconnect the Exakt-link cables to the Exaktbox or Exakt speakers
  3. Restart Konfig, this will now only show the Linn DS/DSM configuration in the Speakers tab.
  4. Clear all speakers in the Speakers tab and hit APPLY.
  5. Power off the Linn DS/DSM and reconnect the Exakt-link connections
  6. Restart Konfig and your configuration on your Exakt speakers will now be visible.

Note: This issue should only occur if the Linn DS/DSM had previously been configured with Space Optimisation when no Exakt speakers have been present.

After Davaar55 I only get Exakt audio, no analogue audio

If you have Exakt speakers and the Linn DSM analogue outputs set for Stereo playback (front Left/right on two sets of speakers), this, by default is disabled. This is because the Exakt audio is approx 45mS out of sync with the analogue outputs.
To enable the analogue outputs go into Konfig and select your DSM > Device > "Dual Analogue/Exakt Stereo Output" and Enable this option

In Space Optimisation I cannot enter any information

Check that your PC has Internet Explorer 11 installed (As per Script error above) Konfig will not work with Windows XP as this will only support Internet Explorer9

Konfig states DS and Exakt products are incompatible state

This is stating that the software running on the Linn DS/DSM is not configured to work with the Exakt devices (due to improvements in communications and Exakt protocol).
This will typically give you the option to update the Linn DS/DSM or the Exakt products or both Linn DS/DSM and Exakt products. Select the best option an press the UPDATE button against that option.
Note: If you are, or have been using BETA software this may get a little confusing. We suggest to do the procedure below to get this back into a working state.

If only the Linn DS/DSM is shown but no Exakt speakers it looks like the difference is too large. The solution is to;

  1. Ensure that the Linn DS/DSM is out of Standby and the speakers/Exaktboxes are power on
  2. Press the FALLBACK button on all of the Exakt speakers and/or Exaktboxes. This will add the Exakt speakers/Exaktbox to the KONFIG > UPDATES page
  3. Now press UPDATE against each Exakt product to bring these product to the correct software level.
  4. Setup the Exakt speakers as required and you are ready to Rock'n'Roll

Konfig cannot see any of my DS

Check within Settings that the Network connection is correct.
In older versions of Konfig you only had to select the network card, (wired, wireless etc). Now Konfig asks you for the Network IP range, this is to simplify the connection as this can use BOTH the wired and wireless connections if they are connected to the same Network.

If your PC/MAC has changed Ethernet networks (for installation, Home-Work etc), the Konfig may be setup for a different address range and not see any DS products. So if your Konfig cannot see your Linn DS products, go into Settings and check that the correct Network address has been selected (click on the drop down box to see what is available)

If you are using Wifi we suggest disabling this and using a wired connection to the PC/MAC and select this new network connection. This will tell you if the Wifi / Wifi network adaptor or Router is causing the issue. (The Linn DS/DSM is found using UPnP protocol, if your Wifi does not support UPnP or Multicasting this can cause this issue).

Check Firewalls

Some Anti-virus Suites also have additional Firewalls that will block a lot of communications. If Konfig used to work and now does not find any products then check if your Anti-Virus suite has recently had a major update. This update may require the Konfig for have "firewall exceptions".

Windows has it own firewalls you can check the settings by:

Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Advanced Settings
then select Inbound Rules and check that ALL of the entries for Konfig are enabled
They should have a green check/tick on all entries.
If they have a red restriction symbol then they have been blocked. You can change this:
  • Select the restricted Konfig's Rules
  • In the General tab enable the "Allow the connection"
  • repeat this for All Konfig Rules with the Restriction symbol & restart Konfig

Konfig will not let me do a Space Optimisation

Konfig must have the Room Dimension, each Wall construction type, Listening position and Speakers used with the IDEAL POSITION entered. If you only have the Practical position entered Konfig will have no reference to the best sounding position in this room.

SPACE OPTIMISATION only lists "Unknown" speakers


Konfig cannot load Assets

When Konfig is first run it will download the speaker setups for all supported speakers. If this is still being loaded (from a slow internet connection), this will only show unknown speakers.
The solution is to leave Konfig running for a few minutes and wait until it has file has been downloaded and available for Konfig to use.

If this is an update from a previous version of Konfig this may be a little confused during the update:
1. Quit the Konfig software
2. Delete the Konfig settings (This will only require the options of Konfig to be re-configured)
On a Windows PC
  • Using My computer, go into C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Linn and DELETE the KONFIG folder. (You may have to into Tools > Folder Options > View and enable "Show hidden files, folders, or drives")
On a Apple MAC
  • Using Finder, GO > Go to Folder "~/Library/Application Support/Linn" and delete the Konfig folder
3. Restart Konfig. This may take a short time to update itself from your internet connection.

After the software update the Linn DS is not working correctly or losing settings

This can be due to a configuration conflict with the last software version:

  • From Konfig, under the Advanced page, select your DS
  • Select the RESTORE button, this will reset the Linn DS back its factory defaults
  • Reconfigure your DS to your preferred setting. (As this is configuration is performed in the same software version this should remove any previous conflicts).

Konfig does not run on my Mac - the icon bounces in the dock and then goes away

  • Open Finder
  • From the Menu bar at the top select 'Go' then 'Go to Folder'
  • Type in "~/Library/Application Support/Linn/Konfig" and click Go
  • Select 'settings.json' file and delete

What if I have problems updating?

Don't panic, the update process is safe, so you should always be able to recover your device

  • Restart Konfig. If your device reports the expected version, the update was successful and you are done
  • If your device does not report the expected version, retry the update process (if you were updating over wireless, try updating over a wired connection)
  • If this fails, power cycle your device and try again
  • If this fails, try the Recovery Procedure below

If you are updating a system with Exakt devices (Exakt Speakers or Exaktbox)

  • Disconnect the Exakt-link(s) from the Linn DS/DSM
  • Restart Konfig
  • Update the Linn DS/DSM
  • Reconnect the Exakt-link(s)
  • Put the Linn DS/DSM in to Sleep/Standby, wait 10seconds
  • Bring the Linn DS/DSM out of Standby and check both the Konfig > Linn DS/DSM Speakers tab and press the RESTORE button against these Exakt devices

Recovery Procedure

  • Download the latest version of software for your product from >HERE< (Make sure Bucket Open.png is hlighlighted to show the full file listing).
  • Save this .zip file to a known location on your hard drive
  • Open Linn Konfig
  • Go to the ‘Advanced’ page
  • Make sure the Linn DS/DSM/HUB is powered on and connected to the network
  • Press the fallback button on the Linn DS/DSM/HUB product
  • The DS should appear in Konfig with a lightning symbol beside it
  • Click the 'Browse' button beside the Linn DS/DSM/HUB in Konfig
  • Locate the .zip file that you just saved and select this
  • Select the ‘Device Recovery’ option (this will revert all user settings to factory defaults)
  • Click on ‘Update’
  • The unit should update successfully
  • If the update fails then contact your Linn retailer for further support

NOTE: On a Mac the downloaded firmware is automatically unzipped by the OS and so the location is a directory, unlike on Windows where the location is the downloaded zip file.
To stop this, go into Safari Settings > Preferences > General > uncheck "Open safe files after downloading"

What if I want to revert to older versions of firmware?

We only support the latest firmware release and do not recommend running old firmware on any Linn DS.

We only archive released versions of firmware.

  • Put your device into fallback mode from the button on the back of the device
  • Download and install the compatible version of Konfig from the release download site (i.e. Cara Konfig if you are reverting to Cara firmware, Davaar for Davaar, etc)
  • Download the version of firmware (zip file) you wish to use from the release download site (only firmware for your device model will work)
  • From Konfig, under the Advanced page, enter the downloaded firmware location for your Linn device

Keep in mind, only compatible control points will work with your device (i.e. Cara with Cara, Davaar with Davaar, etc)

What if I have problems updating my Exakt devices?

Don't panic, the update process is safe, so you will always be able to recover your device

  • Normally your Exakt devices will update seemlessly as part of the standard DS/DSM update process.
  • Make sure that your PC/MAC is connected via a WIRED network connection to the LAN. (WiFi connections can be unreliable).
  • Restart Konfig. If your Exakt device appears under Exakt Setup and there is no Update button, the update was successful and you are done.
  • Restart Konfig. If your Exakt device appears under Exakt Setup and there IS an Update button, the update was unsuccessful, click Update to try again.
  • If this fails, power cycle your Exakt device and the connected DS/DSM device and try again.
  • If this fails, follow the device recovery process below:
  • Put BOTH your Exakt device and connected DS/DSM into fallback (from the buttons on the back of the devices).
  • Find the connected DS/DSM in the Update tab and click Update.
  • If you have an integrated Exakt speaker, this will fully update your Exakt device as well.
  • If you have an Exakt tunebox, you will be prompted at the end of the update to enter your speaker serial number from the Exakt Setup tab to complete the update.

If you have difficulty programming an Exakt speaker or Tunebox, but the Exakt DSM is OK (require Konfig 4.12.2 onwards)

  • Put the speaker or Tunebox into FALLBACK
  • Make sure the Exakt DSM is Out of Standby
  • Press the Fallback button on the Exakt Speaker/Exakt Tunboks
  • In Konfig in the DS - "Exakt setup" tab, this speaker should now show up with a RESTORE button, press the RESTORE button and wait for this to complete. If this is a Exakt Tunebox then enter the serial number of the speaker then do the UPDATE button
  • Complete

If Konfig reports "A problem occurred while updating the device"

  • Power off the Linn DS/DSM and retry uploading the Konfig configuration
  • If this still does not work contact the Linn Helpline with a copy of the Konfig Userlog.txt. This can be found in:
Windows folder: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Linn\Konfig
MAC folder: ~/Library/Application Support/Linn/Konfig

Also supply information on the products used, that is speakers, speaker serial numbers and Exaktbox (if used)

Why does Konfig not show Space Optimisation for my DS?

Space Optimisation for DS was introduced in Davaar 25.

To enable Space Optimisation on your DS you will need to install Davaar 25 or later firmware on your DS.

Konfig state "Upload Application" on Main screen

This is due to Java security:

1. Go into Internet Explorer - Tools - Internet options
2. Select Security
a) If "Internet" Security is High, reduce this to Medium High
b) now select "Local Internet" icon
c)If "Local Internet" Security is High, reduce this to Medium High
3. OK out of this & restart Konfig

1. Go into Preferences - Java
2 Go to Security and reduce security level from Very High to High
3 Ok out of this and restart Konfig

Known Issues

Konfig not reverting back to non-Beta Application version

If you have unchecked the Beta application release of Konfig this only stops checking to see if a beta release exists. It does NOT revert you back to the official release.
If you want to install the official release then go to www.Linn.co.uk/software and redownload/install the current version of Konfig.

If you start Konfig and only get a white screen or only shows toolbar with no "Show devices" button:

1. Go into Google Chrome - Settings - Show advance settings
2. Select Privacy - Content settings
a) If ""JavaScript is "Do not allow any site to run Javascript" change this to "Allow all sites to run JavaScript"
3. OK out of this & restart Konfig
1. Go into Preferences - Java
2 Go to Security and reduce security level from Very High to High
3 Ok out of this and restart Konfig
If this does not cure the issue then in MAX OSX
1. Run Konfig
2. Open Internet Explorer/Safari
3. Type in http://localhost:5011 into the IE address bar
4. If Safari reports "Safari can’t open the page “http://localhost:5011”, because the server "localhost” is missing" then
  • Open the Utilities/Terminal App and type sudo nano /etc/hosts you should see some text. It should look like this:
# Host Database
# localhost is used to configure the loopback interface
# when the system is booting. Do not change this entry.
## localhost broadcasthost
::1 localhost

  • if this file/box is empty then enter the information shown above, into the /etc/host box and exit by using the "ctrl" X keys then Y to confirm the save. We want to save the fie in Mac format, so press the Esc (Escape) key and then press M (this is what the M- means in the help bar).
5. Reboot your MAC to ensure that these new settings are being used and retry Konfig.

After the update some PC/MAC cannot find any Linn DS/DSM products:

Do the following procedure:

1. If you are using Norton Anti-virus, make sure that the new Konfig is added an exception
2. Restart your PC/MAC and retry Konfig 10
a) Press the SHOW DEVICES button
b) If a number appears beside the Updates tab (top of Konfig screen,
i) Press the Updates tab and press UPDATE beside your Linn DS/DSM name
ii) Wait until he update is finished and Press the SHOW DEVICES button. Your DS should now appear.

If your Linn DS/DSM is not listed

3. Press the ADVANCED tab and see if your Linn DS/DSM is listed here

If neither of these two options work
Follow the Konfig 10 diagnostics
If doing a Advanced download Konfig reports "cannot find directory.."
Check that
1. You can typed the correct file location and file name in to the download field
2. Konfig 4.10.5-4.11.2 needs internet access before doing the file update. Make sure that you have an Internet link BEFORE opening Konfig

When entering the room dimensions in Space Optimisation, clicking the tick box deletes the values entered
Use the 'Enter' key or the 'Tab' key instead of the tick box.