Developer:Release Notes 3.1.4

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Cara Build 4 (3.1.4) Released on 06 Mar 2009

  • Fixes internal ticket 2453: Handling of invalid tracks, i.e. skipping to the next track,
  • Fixes internal ticket 2467: Stop paused track before trying to play another.
  • Fixed internal ticket 2470: Set product/source names >20 characters gives unhandled exception
  • Fixes internal ticket 2478: Jukebox - empty M3U adds 'blank' uri/meta to playlist
  • Fixes internal ticket 2487: Handle Sos generated by Network Source on error condition.
  • Fixed internal ticket 2489: Assert: Invoke Play from Stby (with no playlist)
  • Fixes internal ticket 2493: Removed data size verification to allow non word aligned wav
  • Fixed internal ticket 2494: In AVT,Pause->NextTrack changes track but leaves it in stopped state