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Crestron Linn DS Driver

The Crestron drivers do not look for Linn DS/DSM players by their names but for capabilities. That is, searches for UPnP services of the Linn DS/DSM products and adjusts accordingly.
This allows new firmware features and new product support WITHOUT the need for any Crestron driver updates. Both drivers have the common capability:

  • Series3 Processor support
  • This works with other non-Crestron control points. That is, and changes by other control devices are shown in the Crestron panels
  • Presets to quickly access favourite music libraries
  • Smart Graphics GUI, in landscape orientation, with Linn Kazoo look and feel, but also re-skinable in an installer specific Look & Feel.
  • Tested with a 10 DS and 4 controller setup (More Linn DS or Controller setup may require more Crestron Processors)
Linn DS Crestron setup guide

Linn DS Series V36/37 Certified February 2019

Linn DS Series V67 Certification January 2020

Linn_iPad Player.vta
Linn XPanel.vta

Linn DS Series V68:Beta PIN functionality

Linn DS Series V69 Beta, 200+ Crestron Database

  • Smart Media Graphics version is available in BETA, but known to be buggy. If you wish to test it you can either join Linn GitHub by invitation and raise any issues or a public download from >HERE<