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Setting up iTtunes Integration

This describes how to setup iTunes to use a remote media library, such as one which exists on a NAS. The audio files will be consolidated between existing iTunes and remote libraries. Once setup, iTunes and the DS will have access to the same audio, and this will remain so independent of where new audio comes from (CD rips, downloads, extracted from an iPod etc.).

Configure Apple Lossless format

For integration to work correctly, the audio files must be in a format which is supported by both iTunes and DS players - Apple Lossless is suggested.

  • Configure Apple Lossless as the format to use by the CD ripper
  • Configure Apple Lossless as the import format in iTunes UNLESS there is a requirement to use lossy AAC files (for example to use on an iPod). This is performed from iTunes->Preferences->General tab as shown below:


Consolidate iTunes and DS libraries

  1. Map the device containing the DS library as a shared device.
  2. Setup iTunes to use the DS library as its iTunes Music folder location
    1. Itunes->Preferences->Advanced Settings tab
    2. iTunes Music folder location -> Change...
    3. Select the shared music folder (used by DS for music) MacItunesChangeMusicFolder.png.png
    4. Uncheck the 2 checkboxes (to speed up consolidation and future synchronisation operations, and click OK MacItunesAdvancedSettings.png
  3. Consolidate the libraries File->Library->Consolidate Library... and confirm Consolidate when requested MacItunesConsolidateConfirm.png
  4. Wait for consolidation to complete. This may take some time dependent on size of existing iTunes library.
  5. Update iTunes library with music from the DS library. File->Add to Library and select the top level of the new (consolidated) music library MacItunesAddToLibrary.png
  6. Wait for operation to complete
  7. Optional - the original iTunes library (on the Mac) can be deleted. Drag contents ofUsers/<username>/Music/iTunes to Trash

The iTunes and DS libraries are now consolidated and synchronised

Adding new music to library

When new music as added (from whatever source), both the iTunes and DS libraries need to be refreshed to show this new music

  • For Twonky this depends on its configuration, but may be automatic or require user trigger from its setup pages
  • For Asset UPnP this is always automatic
  • For iTunes this requires File->Add to Library and select the new music (unless the new music came from iTunes itself in which case this is automatic)