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Klimax DSM variants

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Starting with the original Klimax DSM(/0):

1. & 2. analogue outputs (single ended and balanced) are removed for the Klimax Exakt DSM
3. SPDIF inputs – quantity reduced to 1 for the Klimax DSM/1

Additions for Klimax Exakt DSM compared to the Klimax DSM/0:

  1. Phono/RCA socket changed from analogue OUTPUT (Klimax DSM/0/0) to Analogue INPUT
  2. Added 4off Exakt Link sockets

Additions for Klimax DSM/1 & /2 compared to the Klimax DSM/0:

  1. Added 2off Exakt Link sockets
  2. removed 1off SPDIF sockets, (other versions have 2off SPDIF inputs)